Luce del giorno: Cinquain VI and VII

Cinquain VI

First light
Eyelids clenched tight
“You are not here if I don’t look”
Child says.

The itch to peek
Beyond paralysis
To ascertain if there is need

Hope monsters flee
Replaced by gentle sun
Blessed by all warm love around me

Cinquain VII

Comes round. Think hard.
Take measure of my life
What has been done or left undone?
We’re asked.

Perhaps useless
Charity matters most
Above all choices one can choose
To love.

When most challenged
Scrubs away at the dross
Which entombs the beauty within

(c)GoshGusMusic(ascap)2010/photo (c)cjarc/Grace Cathedral

Notte Nebbia (night fog): Cinquain V

Bending Tunnel by Jacob Stadtfeld

(Dear Friends ~ Writing melancholy prosody is like listening to the blues; exploring the dark places leads to the Light. Just roll with it, okay? I am working on this particular form. Cinquain VI will take the contrast. Thanks to my son for the photo.)

Cinquain V

Inky shadows
Pressing hurt within me
Until I submit to madness
And weep.

Darker darkness
Finds the night inside me
Further gashing wounds in my gut
I rot.

With dawn
Daylight whispers
I hide behind curtains
Sinister morning mocking me
Stay out.