Over the summer I have read and skimmed through seventeen books on repertoire, musicology, pedagogy, and read through almost as many opera scores and song cycles. This has left me with more questions than answers, but has brought me to certain conclusions.

I am disturbed by the pedagogues, many of whom are not singers, but theoreticians related in ways similar to musicologists. I am reminded of the adage that “music should be seen and not heard” so often smirked toward the direction of our academic brethren. There is much voodoo and little common sense. Most alarming are those tomes dedicated to surveying “great singers on singing.”   In some cases, it is obvious by the way a singer speaks of her technique just why she has vocal issues.

As to answers to my questions, I have begun a sure process and feel I understand my own vocal direction. I am a beginner in my new fach. I am looking at repertoire which other folks, audience and singer alike already know, but I do not. Music I should have known but never familiarized myself with because I had so much to learn within the bandwidth in which I used to sing.  Had you told me that at this point in life I would be best suited to Strauss and Puccini I would have thought you absolutely mad. With confidence my teacher and two coaches have finally convinced me otherwise.

I still have books to read and dissect. The San Francisco Main Library has been a regular haunt as I work through the music stacks and the audio section. I’ve learned what I do not know and must now learn. This is a very good thing.

(c)GoshGusMusic (ascap) 2011

4 thoughts on “Risposte

  1. I think many of us knew you would grow into these roles, but you wouldn’t listen. I remember talking to Janet about you once.Your coloratura was so sparkling and easy, and your extension was was about the best I ever heard to this day. But now you have such a big and glorious rich sound as well as the brilliancy. When are you going to fly back to sing for me? Let’s get you cast in something.

  2. Flatterer! I’m building up a new audition binder. But I do have a few things which will show me well enough, and you know me well enough to know I deliver on stage. Maybe later in the fall. I’ll be in touch.

    Thank you so, so much for your support. It means a lot to me.

  3. Try not to think of time lost, but a wonderful new phase of the journey. New explorations, wonderful new “worlds to explore”. That’s how I TRY to live my life, and it really works. There is your sage advice for the day!

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