Ever boulder-hop when you were a kid? In a big river? You have to keep crossing back and forth. Every time you jump, you wonder if you will make it, or miss it and get carried downstream. Worse is to jump, think you’ve landed safely, yet almost immediately find yourself helplessly sliding down some hidden slime covered patch while trying to find another rock to grab to save yourself?

Must keep…jumping.
Must keep…hopping.
Must keep…hope.

I am a force of nature, full of light and life.
I am a she-devil, spreading hurt and confusion.
Will I find just a measure of rest in the night?
And might I prevail, fending off  illusion?

(c)GoshGusMusic(ascap) 2011

5 thoughts on “Fiume Rocce

  1. My dear, such pictures you paint. You capture feelings and use language with skill. Even for an American! I do so enjoy your blog. Keep it up.
    Hugs and Kisses,
    Your Swishy Friend

  2. Oh do I know about this topic. It doesn’t matter if you are angel or devil. So what? You are an inspiration to me. You’ve got all the love you need and then some.
    I remember when you couldn’t even look at those rocks. No more fear. Righteous!

  3. A graceful woman even when jumping across raging rivers. If you can do it, then so can I.

  4. A woman of grace, dignity and beauty. After all those terrible years, you have a man in your life who is worthy of you. A man, not a boy or a stunted adolescent who behaves badly. A man with manners who is elegant…and smells really nice!
    More rough seas ahead, but you are in good hands with true friends who will be there always.

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