Musical Milliner offers her kind regards to all of you who have hung in there with her the past five years as she has been circling the Inferno that was her life. She’s/I’m (changing tenses here) glad to be alive, and pleased to tell you that despite dedicated and focused attempts to dismantle my psyche and resources, I am well.

On this lovely atumnal equinox, I feel…balanced. images

My sons are thriving. I am rebuilding my business, and I am experiencing one of the most productive phases of my life in music.

Socializing is still a bit of a challenge. Ever the introvert when not performing, but I am taking steps to improve.

Here’s the thing: I recently heard a song which reminds us that after so many years on this journey we all share, comes a time to lose some of the load. Keep what you need or want, and continue in a leisurely stroll toward the sign marked “exit.” It takes so much effort to keep track of all the emotional hording, and is so unnecessary.

Who knows, I may even write an upbeat lyric or two. God bless the lot of you.

One thought on “Vivace!

  1. Thank you for sharing this with me. You have a sincere and poetic way of describing your life and where you are right now. I do encourage you to expand your musical horizons. I liked your quote referencing the journey of life and experiencing what you need or want till one comes upon the sign marked Exit. Your reference to emotional hoarding was very well stated. I loved the unique spin you put on the baggage we all tend to carry, covet and wrestle with as we chose to dress in our facade of the day, sometimes very daring and transparent, while other times we chose to appear in layered, tattered, sticky webs.

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